Ivan Klishch

Software Engineer


I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and experienced Backend Software Engineer with strong analytical and interpersonal skills. Over the past decade I’ve worked on different types of projects beginning with my own research & development and ending with heavy loaded, clustered, data-intensive commercial applications. One of the latest projects I worked on at JW Player is API that is handling tens of thousands of requests per second and delivering petabytes of data each day.
Primarily I’m focused on Python stack technologies that I use in my day to day job. My passion and specialization - architecture, development, and support of highly available, scalable, fast and reliable applications. I’m a big fan of cloud computing in general and AWS in particular - I love working with AWS at my job and playing with it as a hobby at home. I am also interested in many other technologies and programming languages like Go, Docker, Kubernetes, KVM virtualization and others. In my free time, I'm working on my ESP8266-based home automation and sensors, and my Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster.

Work Experiences

Software Engineer

Datadog | Aug 2019 - Present

AWS Integrations team at Datadog.

Staff Software Engineer

JW Player | 2017 - 2019

At JW Player, as a Staff Engineer, I work on the Media Delivery team. We are responsible for delivering video to a player and making sure that video is delivered fast, reliably and at the highest quality. For this, we utilize multi CDN solutions and multiple layers of smart caching.
One of the core features we support as a team is Delivery API that player uses to show a video. At peak times we handle 30k requests/second, delivering data with average 30-40ms latency. We manage multiple caching layers, making sure we can deliver data even in case of major outages. We also have a service that acts as a front gate for other Delivery APIs that want to get things like multi-region support, protection from traffic surges, multi-layer caching, and a stale cache for free.

Lead Engineer

Wyng (Offerpop) | Nov 2014 – Mar 2017

At Wyng (formerly known as Offerpop) I was leading Content Intelligence team responsible for internal and external APIs that we provided as well as connectivity with 3rd party APIs.
While working here I have redesigned and migrated our API from old architecture to new Elasticsearch backend, boosting API performance in some cases more than 100 times and delivering stable latency for all requests. Also I helped to transition our local development environment from Vagrant to Dockerized applications and led efforts to migrate some of our microservices from EC2 instances to ECS.
One of the most interesting projects I worked on was a new data ingestion system that makes thousands of requests to 3rd party APIs in a few seconds (and does this every minute), processes and stores results in the databases.

Senior Software Engineer

Recyclebank | Oct 2011 – Nov 2014

Recyclebank is a user behavior change platform nudging its members towards better recycling approaches. Its platform consists of many different interconnected web services based on Symfony 2, Yii and Magento frameworks.

  • Designed architecture and led implementation of one of the most critical backend services that analyses and processes recycling data.
  • Designed and implemented ExactTarget integration service.
  • Designed, implemented and integrated user notifications service similar to Facebook's one.
  • Worked closely with the product team and implemented several features and improvements for the user facing platform (rewards and loyalty program and ecommerce) as well as backend services.
  • Maintained legacy applications and moved them into companies internal cloud.
  • Created automated deployment scripts and set up deployment process for 2 web applications.
  • Provided guidance on clustering and configuration of production services.
  • Configured and maintained dev/QA environments (RHEL, Vagrant, Docker) in the company's private cloud.
  • Led small international development team, performed code reviews and provided guidance for QA team.